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Amart Furniture Partners with Efficiency Leaders for AP Automation Transformation

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Shared by Chai • September 12, 2023

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Efficiency Leaders is delighted to announce its latest partnership with Amart Furniture, a leading Australian furniture retailer with 67 stores nationwide. This collaboration aims to transform Amart Furniture’s Accounts Payable (AP) process through the implementation of RapidAP, our advanced AP automation system.

Amart Furniture, formerly known as Super Amart, processes a staggering 72,000 invoices annually, a business that often presents significant challenges in terms of efficiency and accuracy. The adoption of RapidAP is expected to simplify this process and improve the handling of stock and expense invoices. The system will perform line-item extraction and reconciliation to increase accuracy in invoice management. Additionally, RapidAP will facilitate a unified workflow for invoice approval and coding, making the entire process more efficient and transparent.

Furthermore, Amart Furniture has chosen to implement the RapidAP vendor onboarding and Purchase Order (PO) requisition module to further enhance its Procure-to-Pay (P2P) process. This approach will address various aspects of the project. For instance, more than 100 approvers will be involved in interacting with the system and ensuring that all their AP programs are updated.

The journey of Efficiency Leaders with Amart Furniture to achieve this milestone is nothing short of remarkable. After two years of sustained effort, the company's sales and logistics teams worked closely to understand Amart's existing systems, analyze potential risks, and optimize RapidAP to effectively process a Request for Quotation (RFQ).

This partnership is not just a step forward for Amart Furniture but also a testament to Efficiency Leaders’ resilience and flexibility in business process automation. The collaboration will not only enhance Amart Furniture's AP processes but also demonstrate the capabilities of advanced automation technologies like RapidAP.