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St John Ambulance NSW Chooses RapidAP for a Revolution in Invoice Processing

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Shared by Chai • November 02, 2023

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Efficiency Leaders is thrilled to announce our latest collaboration, as St John Ambulance NSW joins our family of clients. This marks an exciting new chapter in our mission to streamline and centralise accounts payable processes. St John Ambulance NSW has chosen RapidAP, our innovative AP automation solution, to simplify and enhance its operations.

Revolutionising AP Processes at St John Ambulance NSW

Currently, St John Ambulance NSW manages its invoices manually within a decentralised environment, using SAP Business One. This means that invoices are distributed across 75 sites for coding and approval, a process that's not only time-consuming but also susceptible to inefficiencies and potential errors.

The introduction of RapidAP is set to bring about significant positive changes:

Enhanced Visibility: St John will now have complete visibility into the lifecycle of every invoice, making tracking and management easier than ever.

Reduced Data Entry: Manual data entry will be drastically reduced, allowing staff to focus on more strategic tasks.

Best Practices: The implementation of RapidAP will help St John Ambulance NSW develop best practices for their AP processes.

Centralisation: The entire process will be centralised, simplifying and streamlining operations.

Compliance: RapidAP will strengthen compliance, ensuring that every step in the process adheres to the necessary guidelines.

Time and Cost Savings: The new system will save time and reduce costs associated with the invoice processes.

Approval Process Enforcement: Correct approval processes will be enforced consistently.

Knowledge Transfer: The solution will facilitate knowledge transfer, reducing dependence on key staff members.

Enhanced Security: RapidAP will enhance security measures, including fraud detection.

Gratitude and Future Focus

Efficiency Leaders extends heartfelt thanks to all the key players including Mandar Kulkarni, Dan Bennett, Toni Caporale, and Gavin O’kane who made this collaboration happen.

We are excited to be part of St John's transformation and look forward to a productive and rewarding partnership. Together, we are poised to bring unprecedented efficiency, security, and effectiveness to St John Ambulance NSW's vital operations.